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There are two ways of shooting a 360-degree photo. One of them is to use the DSL camera, the other one is to use the dedicated 360 camera. The pros and cons of these two methods are outlined below.

Depend on your requirements we can offer you our photography service, or we can rent you a high quality 360 camera so you could make 360 photos yourselves, and we put them together for you in a Virtual Tour / Virtual Viewing. Please click here to find out more about these offers.

Virtual Tours shot using DSLR camera Virtual Tours shot using dedicated 360° camera

Panoramic/360° photos shot using
DSLR camera

Panoramic/360° photos shot using
dedicated 360° camera


  • very detailed / high quality photography
  • ready for printing in a large scale
  • perfect reproduction of colours
  • great dynamic range


  • take longer to shoot and process
  • more expensive
  • require to be made by a professional photographer


  • very easy to use
  • fast post-processing


  • image quality not as good as taken with the DSLR camera


ProVirtualTour Photography Service

This is how we do it: Our photographer visit your property with the camera (DSLR or dedicated 360 camera – this to be specified in the order), complete the photo session and create the measurements for the floor plan if required.

Then our photo processing team, process the photos, and create an online virtual tour for you, based on the templated designed earlier. The templates can reflect your business colours, contain re-usable elements such as Agent contact details, company information, links to other listings, and more.


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Virtual Tours starts from as little as £240. For longer term contracts, i.e. for Real Estate Agents, we offer competitive prices.

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