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Nursery and Kindergarten

A creative Virtual-Tour can convey the key aspects of your nursery and kindergarten inviting parents to choose you over your competitors


Nurseries are home away from home for kids, and parents spend a lot of time thinking and deciding on the ones that their will go to. It is often quite challenging to showcase the facilities, secure environment, comfort and the care the children are given to the parents. 

A Virtual-Tour along with a floor plan can give parents the clear idea of how the nursery is organised and they can build an overall impression of the safe environment their kids will spend the time.  

What we cover in Nursery and Kindergarten Virtual Tour?

A Nursery and Kindergarten Virtual Tour is unlike others, as the tour needs to emphasise on key areas, for eample the neatness of the facility, organised play areas, toys, safety features in the facility and most of all the complete layout.

Once we have agreed on the dates to photo shoot your premises, we will work with you to arrange the play areas, books and toys to make an effective impression in the virtual tour. We will decide on the number of spots to cover within the nursery and agree it with you. 

As parents, the key things we look for in a Nursery, is primarily the safety of the kids along with the facilities that they can enjoy. Most of all, while choosing a Nursery everyone looks at the reviews of the nursery and the images/Virtual Tours posted. Virtual Tours have become a standard feature of all the websites that list the top nurseries in regions. 

As you can see from the image, when parents search online for Nurseries and Kindergartens, all the popular websites show the details of the nurseries like: Name, Location, Contact etc.

However, what catches the eye most are the pictures, Virtual Tours or videos about the facility, along with the reviews posted by other parents. In reality, reviews are something that are out of your control and parents will always speak out about their experience. In the rest of the cases, you can always attract parents using other options available. 

While photos can provide an idea of what is available, they do not convey the full picture to the customers like Virtual Tours. A single Virtual Tour will cover all aspects including neatness, organised set up, play areas, special areas, comfortable beds for kids, pool area etc.  

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If you run a nursery or kindergarten and order a Virtual Tour from us, we will make an interactive, 2D floor plan of your premise. Floor plans help viewers to understand the layout of your building and help to navigate between panoramas.

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All our photographers are very experienced and manage each project in a bespoke and tailored fashion. For each project, we will analyse your requirements and provide a competitive discount.

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