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Our Terminology
  • Virtual Tour – Virtual Tours are based on 360° photography, which is a technique where specialized equipment is used to capture the entire surroundings of a location. This ability of being able to capture the entire space in a single photo is a combination of software and panoramic photos.

    360° photography has the ability to effectively show an environment from the photographer’s point of view. It is one of the best and most effective ways to show off businesses, stores, or tourist spots. Virtual Tours allow viewers to see the place or certain areas through their computer or mobile device. Users are able to navigate from one spot to another similar to the technology used in Google Street View. Examples of Virtual Tours can be view by following this link: SAMPLE VIRTUAL TOURS

  • A spot – it is a single 360° image taken in any location within your premise. Usually a single spot is sufficient to capture the whole room, however bigger rooms may require to have two or three 360° images to be taken in different spots within the room.
  • Virtual Tours shot using DSLR cameraDSLR camera – in the most literal sense, a DSLR camera is a digital single-lens reflex camera. Inside the camera body is a mirror that reflects the light coming from the lens up into an optical viewfinder, by way of either a prism or a series of additional mirrors. This is how photographers can see what they’re shooting, right through the lens, and is where the term “reflex” comes from — referring to mirror’s reflection. When the shutter is pressed, that mirror flips up out of the way, the shutter slides open, and light coming from the lens takes a straight shot to the imaging sensor where a photograph is made.
  • Virtual Tours shot using dedicated 360cameraDedicated 360° camera – is a very compact device which allows photographer to capture the fully spherical, 360°/180° image with a single shot. The camera is usually operated remotely with mobile device such as mobile phone or tablet. The image here is only an example how this camera may look like. Different brands may look different however concept behind all 360° cameras remain the same.
  • Stitching – it’s a way to obtain the fully spherical 360°/180° photo. With DSLR cameras, several images needs to be taken, and then they need to be all merged together using sophisticated software to create a consistent single spherical image. Dedicated 360° cameras have two lenses. Each of the lens takes a single 180°/180° image. Then the software of the camera merge these two images automatically into a single spherical image. All these processes are called STITCHING.
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